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Low-noise, Mobile Set


Low-noise, mobile diesel generator series is a new series product which was produced by introducing advanced foreign low-noise generator technology. This series meet GB/T2820-1997 and GB12786-91 and are put on the market. These product series can be widely used in post and telecommunications, hotel, places of entertainment, hospital, market industrial enterprises, mining enterprises and other places which have strict requirements on noise control. These products also can be used as normal or spare power supply.

Beside the functions of GF series and GFZ series diesel generators, this series has following functions:
1. Distinct low-noise performance, the noise of the set is limited under 75dB(A) (place 1 meter from the set).

2. The layout is highly structured, small size, unique and beautiful appearance.

3. Equipped with multi-layer miss-paring acoustic shield.

4. Multi-path inlet and outlet, inlet and outlet paths with high efficient noise-reduction function ensure the sufficient power performance of the set.

5 Large impedance compound muffler.

6. Fuel burner with large capacity.

7. The quick opening cover provides convenience for maintenance.

Mobile diesel generating set has various structures and functions, including hand-push type, three-wheel type, four-wheel type, vehicle power station, trailer power station, mobile low-noise power station, mobile container power station t and electrical power engineering truck, etc.

In reference to the structures of mobile power stations of many countries, the mobile power stations designed and produced independently by our company have good operation performance and safety performance. Following configurations are provided to select:

?nbsp; Pulling: equipped with mobile hook and 360?rotary table, which can be rotated smoothly, to ensure the safety in running.

?nbsp; Braking: equipped with reliable air brake interface and hand shaking braking system to ensure the safety in running

?nbsp; Supporting: to ensure the stability of power van during operating, 4 mechanical or hydraulic supporting devices are provided

?nbsp; Door and window: there is ventilating window on the front and door on the back which is open and faces the window of the front, there are doors on both sides for operator to enter and go out.

?nbsp; Lighting: there are roof mount explosion-proof lights on the carriage; the worktable is on the right with working lamp, which provides convenience for operators to work.

?nbsp; Muffling: two-layer decoration is adopted for the carriage and door; sound panel is installed muffle; and the exhaust pipe is wrapped with heat insulation cotton, thus the noise is controlled under 75dB(A)

?nbsp; Size: the dimension of the carriage designed according to specifications, the operators can walk in the carriage smoothly, thus provide convenience for operation and maintenance.

?nbsp; Appearance: high molecular polyurethane paint is used. The color can be decided by clients, the exhaust pipe is installed lower, which ensures the beautiful appearance.

?nbsp; Fire-fighting: two fire extinguishers are provided.

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