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Product center
Control System


I Manual control panel (standard configuration)

Provide the basic start/stop functions, and following basic configuration and functions:
1. Start/stop controller

2. Three-phase alternating current meter

3. Voltmeter and selection switch

4. Frequency meter/water thermometer/oil pressure gauge/timer/battery voltmeter

5. Emergency stop button

6. Warning function: over-speed, high water temperature

7. Low oil pressure, fail to charge

8. Protection function: low oil pressure, high water temperature, over-speed, emergency stop and other pre-set protection function

II Automatically start control panel in no main supply state (voltage lose)

Besides the standard manual control functions and configuration, it has following remote control interface.
Auto/stop/manual function selection

1、Starting timing relay (3-5s, adjustable)

2、Stop timing relay (0-270s, adjustable)

3、3-time auto start time relay

4、 Line charger

5、Added warning indications: low/over speed, output voltage fault, fail to start, high water level pre-warning, emergency stop

6、Add protection functions: low/over speed, fail to start, output voltage fault (excess voltage, under-voltage and excess current)

III Full-auto remote control panel

The LDC panel displays the operating procedures, state, fault and parameters of generating set

RS232 interface or 485 interface, remote control, remote test, remote signaling

Protection: the system shall warning automatically when following items happen: fail to start, over-speed, low-speed, high water temperature, low oil pressure, no signal for velocity pickup, charge fault, ect.

IV Auto load switching screen (ATS)

4-pole, mechanical/electrical interlocking switch;

Main supply, generating, load state indicators

Auto, manual selector;

The screen were processed by acid cleaning, phosphatization and plastics spraying;

Enough space is left for input and output cables;

The auto switching time is no more than 7s (adjustable).

V Unmanned, stand-alone full-auto starting control panel

Stand-alone control case combining self-starting control and auto load switching functions according to clients requirements. It is easy to operation and can be applied to the centralized control of electric equipments.

VI Paralleling control panel

Manual/semi-auto/full-auto two or more units paralleling function;

Parallel multiple unit as one net, the power supply show be more reliable;

Dispatch centrally, dispatch load automatically, which makes maintenance and repair more convenient;

More economic. Put the set into use according to actual load, which saves oil;

Flexibility for further extension. Equipments can be added according to demand to satisfy the added load.

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